My name is Ma’Shawna aka Smiley and this is my personal blog about my daily life, my battle with depression, my natural hair journey, the best deals for your beauty buck and world events which matter to me.  This blog originally began in 2007 to deal with my postpartum issues, then everything was lost in the internet jungle.  So, with more encouragement and graphics help from my artist husband, I became more serious with it approximately 2 years ago.  I am a 30-something mom of four (K, B, D, A) and wife who volunteers and tutors at my kids’ schools faithfully.  I earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Communications from Ellis College of The New York Institute of Technology and minored in Theater at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.  I also studied Journalism and won/placed in Forensics (Public Speaking) competitions with an Honors Diploma from Hampton High School in 1996 and Liberal Arts at Thomas Nelson Community College while acting in various plays and writing for the schools’ newspapers.  They always said I “speak so proper,” so I’m putting those skills into this blog.  I love the Most High, traveling, singing, dancing, my family, movies, electronics, comics, beauty, fashion, ways to save money and all things Wonder Woman and WWE.  Currently, I reside in Northern Virginia.  I lived in GA and NC during my husband’s Air Force service.  I grew up in NC and VA for the most part, but have traveled to many other states and a few Scandinavian countries.  Please join me as I learn how to enjoy life again as a happier me.  As soon as I cut away the rest of my chemically-relaxed hair, I realized that this natural hair journey had turned into more than just about hair.  It is also a battle with the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of my life.  Hopefully, I can become a voice to those who may have so much love surrounding them, but then get hit by that one event or one person to ruin it all, causing them to feel as if they’re alone.  This world we live in is getting worse, but I don’t have to get worse with it. You can contact me via email at smileyscorner(at)gmail.com.  No spam, please.  Thank you for visiting.  Feel free to comment and share.


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