RightAnswerRightTimeThe very classmate who coined the nickname “Smiley” on me in high school, is the very classmate who is out there changing lives and continues to find the right words for the right time to that troubled soul, no matter who is reading/listening.  On his Facebook page status this morning, the key word ‘suicidal’ touched my heart, so I knew I had to read the rest.  It’s exactly what I’ve felt-recent deaths have befallen my family, our house is on short sale, life dragged us and is still dragging us to the bone.  Then just as my good friend, I’ve had to ask myself lately if I’ve been trusting the One True God to do everything in his power for me to see things differently, to trust in HIM completely.  It’s so difficult to even want to wake up in the morning, however I’m glad I did today to see this message at an opportune time.  I thought it needed to be shared.  You can follow Jacob Hobson for more ‘morning coffee’ inspirations on FB at https://www.facebook.com/jacob.hopson. Take a look:

The moment you feel at your wits end… the moment you want to say screw the world… the moment you say the world will be better without me… I want to suggest to you that you have made God an option and not your only Choice!! This post is going to be kinda sensitive for me but i made it [sic] thru!!! Can i tell you that i have been suicidal…. Yes preaching, praying, and prophesying and STILL feeling like the world would be better without me, because nothing in my life was going right. 9 people I loved died in 7 months, i lost home, and everything in it and i was mad at life. God simply told me you can’t ask me to be a part time director of your path and life, giving me only the parts of you that you know you cant control and expect things to be okay. Either God is Lord of All, He is not Lord at all!!! Trust Him with all of you!!! He will direct you in all your ways and even when you suffer you will suffer with purpose. I hope this is helping someone who is there.Well Jacob …HOW? The best way is to fall so in love with Jesus, that everything you can think of has Him at the start, middle, and end of IT!

See you soon,



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