I have to give a Shout Out to my neighbor, Jill Lang.  She enjoys crafting, natural, organic food and products like SheaMoisture. She recently launched her blog at Argyle Cottage. Like me, she is a loving wife and mother who was sort of stuck in life, dreams on the pause button while teaching kids with special needs.  I told her that from the looks of things, if someone isn’t going to give us the job we want, then we’re going to have to create it.  To quote her, “So badly I want to be paid for the creative things I do. So this is the first step in holding myself accountable. You never know who may find it and like what you have to say.  I’ve always been a “writer” and said to myself you just have to do this and put what you love out there. I majored in fashion design and minored in media studies because I wanted to work for a fashion magazine. So this will be my chance to have my own ‘magazine.'”  Oh Yeah!  She is truly venturing out, getting fit and wants to share with the world her lifestyle ideas focusing on creative living.  Her posts will include topics about food, crafting, fitness, and other inspiring topics to her.  Jill informed me that she can be contacted via personal email:  jilllang11@gmail.com; blog email:  argylecottage@gmail.com; and Instagram @argylecottage. Check out the brief ‘About‘ page from the site and show some love:



Hello! My name is Jill.

Join me as I celebrate the everyday joy of living a creative life. I share kitchen adventures, inspiration for healthy living, motherhood musings and craft projects. I’ve always thought a creative life begins at home- enjoy this peek into my world. xo

A few quick facts about me:

  • I have a degree in design (fashion) and minored in media studies (journalism).
  • I am married to an amazing artist.
  • I have a sweet son named Ethan.
  • I live in Virginia.

I enjoy baking, paper crafts, tea parties, magazines and books, lip gloss, self portraits and yoga.

See you soon,


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