I’ve mentioned a few of my must-have natural hair products before, but to get a better idea of what I can truly say has worked for my kids and I, take a look at the pics above.  We’ve tried many different kinds, but these are our holy grails, our proven staples, our tried and true.  From the store, from the kitchen, from the fridge, from the pantry.  I know some of the hardcore naturalistas will probably disapprove of the L’Oreal stuff or the gel or whatever.  That doesn’t matter to me.  What matters is what’s worked very well for us.  And I’ve decided to continue using the brand of coconut oil pictured until I feel comfortable with spending more money on another brand.  I’ve seen some at $9.99, $6.99, $8, $10 and more.  Those prices may seem nice, but for the amount of ounces, they weren’t.  I have 5 heads and 6 bodies to coat with this oil.  Poor hubby is balding more.  No more head & shoulders for him.  All he needs is his fave body wash to double as a shampoo to clean what’s left.  I asked about better brands at an affordable price to groups I associate with on Facebook like #TeamNatural and Natural Folkz (or was it Natural Hair).  One particular answer stood out.  The nice naturalista said to use the cheaper version on your hair and skin, but use the better/pricier version in your food.  So, for now that’s what I’ll do.

For cooking, I recently bought the non solid version by Carrington Farms  for $7 and some change for a 16oz. bottle.  A few other women in the groups said to try stores like The Vitamin Shoppe and Trader Joe’s.  The Old Spice 2in1 Shampoo and Mixed Chicks Straightening Serum are more like honorable mentions.  The first I use on my son, but not often enough because sometimes, I’ll just wash his hair with the first thing I see like a bar of soap on the counter.  Need to stop that. The second product is a “thermal protectant for heat styling” not used very often either, but when it is, it’s been for those times I needed to lightly blow dry the girls’ hair for bed after a late wash.  No damage at all.  I straightened K’s hair once with it to see how much more of the texturized ends needed to be cut, and her hair reverted back on its own within a week.  No heat damage.  Must conserve as much of this runny stuff though since it costs $19.99 at Target.  Hubby was feeling nice that day when he bought 2 bottles of it during my 1st yr of natural discovery.  So, what product or products are so important to your regimen that you couldn’t live without them?  Maybe there’s some I should bring out my inner product junkie to try.  Btw, in case you’re wondering what that spice is in one of the pics-cayenne pepper. Yes, for hair!  More on how I use it at another time.

See you soon,

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